Tom Hiddleston, Taylor Swift Together Again: Singer Spotted Visitng Their Old Dating Spot, Says Report

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Tom Hiddleston, Taylor Swift Together Again? Singer Spotted Visitng Their Old Dating Spot

Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift might be back together again. According to some fans, the singer’s private plane was seen landing at the same airport where the ex-couple visited Hiddleston’s family last summer.

In June 2016, Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston began dating right after her relationship with Calvin Harris. They were seen spending time together in Rhode Island where they showed how comfortable they were with one another. It was believed that this started their so-called whirlwind romance. Photos of the ex-couple were all over the news and social media, being shared by their fans.

The ex-couple showed off their admiration through public displays of affection. Even if their romance did not last long, they were seen in several places together and seemed to be inseparable. After two months, the news that the relationship has ended broke out. One alleged source said that they were not spending time like they used to be.

Taylor Swift Fed Up with Too much Publicity?

Some reports said that the singer ended her romance with Hiddleston because what they had was too much for her. She was not happy about it and did not like too much publicity in a relationship. Moreover, reports also said that Hiddleston created a story about Calvin Harris who flirted behind her back so he could date Swift. The actress found out that the actor lied to her about Harris and did her own investigation.

Tom Hiddleston Spotted with a New Flame

Earlier this week, photos on social media showed Hiddleston in London, England with a pretty blonde woman who looked surprisingly similar to the singer. From the photos, the 35-year-old actor seemed to be quite comfortable with the blonde woman while walking through the town.

However, there was no solid evidence that Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston are back together. There are no photos posted that the ex-couple reconnected, even on their Instagram. For the most part, the two remained silent and have not answered any of these rumors.

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