Kelly Rippa Co-Host Michael Strahan Replacement Stalled But to be Announced Soon

Kelly Ripa, Michael Strahan replacement
`Live With Kelly’ host Kelly Ripa has yet to announce who will be the replacement of Michael Strahan in the popular program.

Six months since the exit of Live With Kelly co-host Michael Strahan, the popular talk show has had over 50 different guest co-hosts entertaining audiences. As the search for a co-host replacement continues, the network executive noted that the show has a bright future and talk show host Kelly Ripa was “in a great place.”

Those were the words uttered by Disney/ABC Television Group President Ben Sherwood, who visited the set recently.


A number of celebrities that included Christian Slater, Chris Pratt, Alec Baldwin, Ryan Seacrest, Jimmy Kimmel, Andy Cohen and several others have served as guest co-hosts. Over 50 personalities have sat next to Kelly Rippa on the show to give co-hosting a shot. Jimmy Kimmel loomed large with the ratings numbers when he occupied the co-host seat.

Kelly had taken a self-imposed hiatus a few months earlier and when she returned, it pulled up the ratings. Television audiences know her resolve and commitment to entertain, but at some point, she had to step back when she felt slighted that she was not told of Michael Strahan’s exit earlier than just before the network made the public announcement.

Lately, the official social media page of LIVE With Kelly tweeted several other guest co-hosts for the remainder of the month and December.  Among them are American journalist Anderson Hays Cooper, Game of Thrones actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and actress Elizabeth Jean “Busy” Philipps.

As to who will be the most suitable replacement for Michael Strahan and who will be free to handle the co-hosting gig  with Kelly Ripa on a regular basis has yet to be determined. A contest was even held and a high school teacher was given the opportunity to co-host.


It can be noted that in mid-2012,  Regis Philbin bid farewell as co-host of Live With Regis and Kelly. The talk show  won an Emmy for outstanding entertainment talk show. After Michael Strahan left, the show underwent rebranding and acquired a new logo and name on leading social media sites. Six months down the line, network bigwigs and Kelly Rippa have yet to announce who will be Michael Strahan’s replacement.

Photo Source: Keith Wills/Flickr

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