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‘The Walking Dead’ Jeffrey Dean Morgan: Jeffrey’s Negan Taken As Too Comical For A Villain

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'The Walking Dead' Jeffrey Dean Morgan: Is Jeffrey’s Negan Too Comical For A Villain?

Is Negan, as portrayed by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, too comical as a villain? The fans have spoken on their thoughts of The Walking Dead Season 7’s best anti-hero yet.

Viewers are used to the subdued and restrained characters of Rick Grimes, played by Andrew Lincoln, and Daryl Dixon, played by Norman Reedus. And then here comes Negan. He is loud, cocky, foul-mouthed and at the same time, dangerous. He exudes a vibe that chills your bones as deep inside, you will know that there is a delusional man that lurks behind the surface.

The first few minutes of seeing Jeffrey Dean Morgan in Season 6’s finale was enough to leave fans reeling for a few months. Finally, in the premiere episode of The Walking Dead Season 7, we get to see just how brutal and evil his character can be. It was chilling. It was horrifying. And it was traumatizing.

However, Negan’s charisma might have begun to worn out as viewers get to see more of his antics. Has Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s translation of Negan’s character from comics to tv series became too cartoonish?

Jeffrey Dean Morgan As Anti-Hero Negan: Chilling or Comical?

The New York Times’ Jeremy Egner wrote that that he hopes the writers will tone down the character’s “bombastic grandstanding and mustache-twirling affectations.” Of course, the article’s comment section then turned into battle arena for fans who agree and fans who disagree.

Someone says that Jeffrey is “a weight dragging this show down” while another counters that viewers hate the character because he is meant to be hated. After all, he is the antagonist of the story.

Critics can say what they want. But at the end of the day, The Walking Dead Season 7’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan bags a nomination for Critics’ Choice Awards’ Best Guest Performance which proves, whether fans like it or not, he is effectively playing the villain.

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