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Android 7.1 Nexus 6P Will Not Feature Night Mode; Might Be Part of Google Marketing Tactic

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Android 7.1 Nexus 6P Will Not Feature Night Mode; Part of Google Marketing Tactic?

The most awaited Android 7.1 Nougat update that Nexus 6P owners have been waiting for is going to be released soon. The updated operating system is speculated to come with Night mode feature, which was strangely taken away on Android 7.0 update.

But earlier last week, a source from Google leaked that the Night mode feature will not be on Nexus 6P handsets even if the users update their OS to Android 7.1. One thing that supported this is that, when the preview for the update was released, it did not include Night mode on the 6P. However, the source gave hopeful news that Google is planning to include the feature on the later versions of the OS.

Lack of Night Mode on Nexus 6P a Marketing Strategy?

In addition, reports said that Google Pixel handsets still have some features that Nexus 6P users have lost when they made the upgrade. Pixel users will still have the Night mode feature even after they upgrade their handsets. Some speculate that it is part of a marketing plan to assure that Pixel will remain on top and way further ahead of other devices.

Google has reportedly made its statement about the features on Nexus 6P that were lost during the update to Android 7.1. They said that it was not intentional. The company further added that the updated OS requires a special type of driver before the Night mode feature can be reliably run on Nexus 6P handsets. With that, it might be an indication that Google will return the Night mode feature in Nexus 5X and and Nexus 6P sometime in the future.

Most device owners are still waiting on when their particular handset will receive the latest OS update. Cellular companies like Samsung are now up for Android 7.1 beta access for Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge while LG and HTC are reportedly going to have the updated OS for their devices.

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