Cooking with Aluminum Foil: Knowing the Answer If It Is Bad, Harmful or Safe

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Cooking with Aluminum Foil: Is it Bad and Harmful or Safe? Cause of Alzheimer's Disease?

Is cooking with aluminum foil harmful for one’s health? An article claimed aluminum foil can cause Alzheimer’s disease circultated online and deemed it not safe to use the foil while preparing food.

The scientific debate whether aluminum foil can cause Alzheimer’s disease or not has been going on for ages. While it is true that brains of patients with Alzheimer’s disease have high levels of aluminum compounds, the ingestion of aluminum through food intake and then reaching the brain and causing the disease remains arguable.

Bad effect claims of leached aluminum foil

An article went viral when it claimed that cooking with aluminum foil is not safe because it is harmful for the brain and it is a neurotoxic heavy metal that causes Alzheimer’s disease. The gist of the claim says that cooking with aluminum foil is bad since it can transfer aluminum compounds to the food, which will then be ingested into the body. These compounds will then reach the brain in high concentration, eventually causing Alzheimer’s.

Is it safe to eat food cooked with aluminum foil?

It is true that aluminum can be liberated from the aluminum foil that can then leach into the food, according to a 2012 study published in the International Journal of Electrochemical Science. However, different factors like temperature and acidity can affect how much of the aluminum can leach into the food. Simply wrapping food in aluminum foil, without heat or cooking it, cannot cause leaching.

It is also true that these leached aluminum ingested through the food can enter the brain. But only a very small percentage of the leached aluminum can remain in the body. From that percentage, a much smaller portion can stay in the brain. Therefore, a person should eat an insanely enormous amount of food cooked in aluminum foil in a regular basis before a build up of aluminum compounds in the brain can happen.

How aluminum can be harmful to the brain

If a person does manage to get a build up of ingested aluminum on their brain, will it heighten the person’s risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease?

To date, studies and theories vary on their stand whether aluminum is a risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease or not. Aluminum may not be a causative agent for the disease; however it may still also be able to play a role in the disease’s development. It is worth noting that one of the major symptoms of patients with Alzheimer’s disease is the presence of aluminum compounds in their brain.

But ultimately, cooking with aluminum foil is not harmful enough to develop aluminum plaque in the brain or allegedly cause Alzheimer’s disease.

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