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‘Days of Our Lives’ Nov. 21-25 Spoilers: Gabi, Chad Talk, Theo Crashes Abe, Valerie’s Date, Steve, Paul Investigate

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Danger, romance and suspicion crowd some of the residents of Salem this week. Major Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that Gabi and Chad will talk, Theo will crash a date and Steve and Paul look into some shady activities.

Chad and Gabi’s feelings for each other are growing, and both of them are overwhelmed. New Days of Our Lives spoilers state that Chad will talk to Andre about his feelings for Gabi. Gabi will turn to Dario about her feelings for Chad as well. The two will decide to meet to talk about what could lie ahead for both of them, and there will be some tension before they give in to their feelings and share a wonderful kiss.

However, Gabi will think that this may be too soon. She just called it quits with JJ but the moments she is having with Chad feels so right. After some thinking, she will come back and tell Chad how she feels.

Unfortunately, things are bound to get complicated once Abigail makes herself known to Chad. Chad will definitely be furious when he finds out that Abigail never died, and Gabi might find herself in a tough situation.

Theo Crashes a Date

While Gabi and Chad are dealing with their feelings for each other, Theo is trying to stop two other people from doing the same. Some Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that he will try and crash Abe and Valerie’s date. Theo knows that Valerie may be up to no good and is set on finding some answers himself. Claire and Ciara will help him out on this matter as well.

When Theo’s suspicions of Valerie is confirmed, he decides to tell Abe while he prepares for his date with Valerie. Theo does not want Abe to get tangled up into the mess Valerie can bring him into, but there might be a good reason why Valerie is up to whatever she is up to.

Steve and Paul Investigate

In the meantime, Steve and Paul are also doing some snooping around. Previous spoilers already hinted that Eduardo and Dario are up to no good. Now, Paul and Steve will try and figure out what Eduardo and Dario are doing down at the docks.

Days of Our Lives airs Mondays to Fridays on NBC.

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