Kate Middleton Using Organic Botox Procedures to Hide Facial Insecurities: Report

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Kate Middleton Reported Using Botox Procedures to Hide Facial Insecurities [Rumor]

Kate Middleton has been rumored to be enhancing her beauty using an organic botox procedure. According to her stylist, she even recommended it to all of her prominent friends.

Kate Middleton was even said to have recommend the procedure to Michelle Obama. News tells us that Carl Ray, the First Lady’s makeup artist, said she has been using the organic Botox regularly as suggested by the Duchess. Both ladies are said to be fans of natural skincare products and somehow, they share their secrets to maintain their youthful glow.

The organic botox is the same with the traditional procedure. Basically, it is to lessen certain muscular contractions to remove wrinkles in the face.

Several pictures of the Duchess of Cambridge have been shared showing that she has been doing her royal duties just like Prince William, as instructed by Queen Elizabeth. Because of her royal obligations, her fans, as well as her critics, said that the Duchess is under stress, which resulted in “premature aging and wrinkles.” For now, she has no other choice but to look for ways to alleviate the signs of her daily stress.

Kate Middleton Afraid of Being Outshined by her Sister?

Speculations that the Duchess fears of being outshined by her sister, Pippa Middleton, are also on the news. Apparently, Pippa does not want the Duchess to get the spotlight from her upcoming wedding with James Matthews in May 2017. Pippa, though, has not commented about the said allegations against her.

Alleged sources add that the Duchess is not involved in the preparations of her sister’s wedding at all. It was said that she is spending time instead with Prince Harry’s new girlfriend, Meghan Markle.

Duchess and Prince William Said to be “Living Separate Lives”

News that the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge are living separate lives has also been circulating on the internet for quite some time now. However, Kate Middleton and Prince William have not openly spoken about the matter.

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