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‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Spoilers: Porsha’s Interest in Motherhood; Chateau Shereé Versus Moore Manor

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It is still too early for the season but spoilers already revealed the continuing spat of the women of Real Housewives of Atlanta. Catching up with the Housewives, here are the latest from Porsha’s life decisions and the growing war between Shereé and Kenya, when it comes to each other’s properties.

Porsha Wants Motherhood

Porsha Williams is torn when it comes to future life decisions. The upcoming The New Celebrity Apprentice star reveals her interest in becoming a mother. However, her failed relationship stops her from jumping into a new relationship again.

After all, Porsha just came from a divorce from her ex-husband Kordell Stewart who has written a book titled Truth: The Kordell Stewart Story. There he tells the tale of the truth behind their tumultuous marriage, their divorce and his controversial sexuality.

Meanwhile, spoilers suggest Porsha might be off to some self-journey as well to figure out what she really wants in her life at this point.

Real Housewives of Atlanta House War: Chateau Shereé versus Moore Manor

The rivalry between Shereé Whitfield and Kenya Moore continues. Ever since Season 8, the two had thrown insults at each other’s neighboring homes. Spoilers for RHOA Season 9 reveal the house war is apparently still on-going.

In the previous season, Kenya confronts Shereé that her “Chateau She Can’t Pay” is taking too long to finish that her neighbors cannot help but complain. With that, Shereé counters that she has “upgraded the whole area” which includes Kenya’s house that is “in a ditch.”

This season, the insults are still on. Kenya subtly throws a shade towards Shereé as she says she cannot “believe what five years feels like” as Shereé took a “long journey” in finishing her property. Shereé also sarcastically complimented Kenya’s “whole house” which is “the same size” as her “master suite.”

Their exchange later on becomes more aggressive which ends with a twirl from Kenya, but Shereé promises an end to the conversation will happen in the future.

Real Housewives of Atlanta airs every Sunday on Bravo.

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