‘Star Wars: Episode 8’ Spoilers Leaked: Intriguing New Characters Reignite Interest

Star Wars: Episode 8, Star Wars: Episode 8 spoilers leaked
Star Wars: Episode 8 spoilers leaked point to how the stories about some intriguing new characters will play out.

With almost a year before Star Wars: Episode 8 hits cinemas, the sci-fi film’s fanatics have formed theories on top of solid rumors that have gone around. The recent Star Wars: Episode 8 spoilers leaked highlight the roles that new characters Laura Dern, Benicio del Toro, and Kelly Marie Tran will play in the upcoming installment.

Movie watchers saw Rey (to be reprised by Daisy Ridley) encountering Finn (to be played again by John Boyega) and the droid BB-8 evading the enemy in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Earlier Star Wars: Episode 8 spoilers leaked revealed Finn recovering and returning to take center stage attention with a new character portrayed by Kelly Marie Tran. Finn and Rey are also reported to encounter the `man in black’ in a casino they infiltrate.

Star Wars: Episode 8 Spoilers Leaked

As for the role that Benicio del Toro will tackle,  it was conjectured over a year ago that the actor —  the third Puerto Rican actor to win an Academy Award — will play someone who is “like the villain.”  Today, he remains mum on whether he will really be a villain or not. Anything goes for his much anticipated anti-hero character. Del Toro had also added to his impressive acting portfolio the role of The Collector in the Marvel film Guardians of the Galaxy.

Meantime, word has gotten around that Laura Dern’s unique look points to a bombastic character akin to Hunger Games-meets-Star WarsFancy attire and outlandish hairdo are some of the details that have been passed around.

As early as May, fans have been clamoring to learn more. A follower had jokingly tweeted writer-director Rian Johnson’s Twitter site to “give the fans something.” Fan-made trailers have also been on the rise.

The ramifications of the inner conflict of one of the memorable characters of the film, Kylo Ren, have likewise been part of the Star Wars: Episode 8 spoilers leaked and discussed online. Social media has been flooded with possible storylines, including one that surmised that Kylo Ren, played by Adam Driver, will get hold of the Skywalker Lightsaber and possibly become one of the interesting climaxes at the end of Episode 8.

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