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‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 8 Spoilers: Stefan Makes A Sacrifice; Seline Resurrects The Devil

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Family has always been a key plot for the The Vampire Diaries and in an upcoming episode of Season 8, spoilers reveal our central characters to make life-changing decisions for the people they love.

In an episode directed by Paul Wesley, Episode 6 titled Detoured on Some Random Backwoods Path to Hell will meet the sacrifice of Stefan Salvatore as, apparently, “the devil’s work is child’s play.”

Bad Nanny Seline

Viewers get to crack the identity of the second Siren thanks to Matt, “the only living boy in Mystic Falls,” returning in town. But happy reunions are still far from sight as danger continues to loom over the gang.

Apparently, Seline who babysits the twins in Alaric’s home has ulterior motives. She plans to use the last Gemini twins to resurrect no other than Satan.

Caroline will do anything to keep her girls safe. Now that they have become the tools of the Siren’s plan to resurrect the devil, Caroline will stop at nothing to protect her twins. When she comes home to find her children missing, Caroline will be ruthless.

In the trailer, spoilers show Caroline telling Stefan, “If Damon gets in between me and my girls, I’m going to kill him.”

Additionally, the terror surrounding them currently puts more tension between Alaric and Caroline. It will then lead them to face some harsh realities regarding their family’s future.

Stefans Makes A Sacrifice in Season 8

Meanwhile, Stefan will race against the clock to save the twins. With time catching up to him, he makes a decision to dive into his subconscious. However, it sets off a chain of events that will leave him in a difficult position.

What life-changing decision will Stefan have to make this time?

The next episode of The Vampire Diaries Season 8 will air on Dec. 2 to give way for Black Friday 2016.

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