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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 Spoilers: More Extended Episodes Confirmed; Carl Bloody Action Figure

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'The Walking Dead' Season 7 Spoilers: More Extended Episodes; Carl Bloody Action Figure

Viewers of The Walking Dead Season 7 will be glad to hear spoilers of more extended episodes they can indulge. Taking a step further, fans can also take home one character in the form of a gruesome yet amazingly detailed action figure.

With five episodes in for Season 7, viewers are easily transported back to the communities and lives of the remaining survivors of The Walking Dead. The brutal start continues to send shock waves to the show’s beloved characters. As viewers continue to explore the world of The Walking Dead Season 7, spoilers reveal Episode 4 titled Service, that got an extended running time, will not be the last one.

Season 7 Gets More Extended Episodes

Two upcoming episodes will consequently have a much longer time slot than usual. From the 58-minute time slot of Episode 4, following episodes 6 and 7 will be extended as well.

Episode 6 titled Swear will run for 70 minutes. Following that is Episode 7 Sing Me A Song which will have a whopping time slot of 90 minutes. It is only rightful though as the episode will feature one of Carl Grimes’ most memorable moments from the comics.

Spoilers also suggest that fans of the TV series will look forward to the next meeting of Carl and Negan. It did not go well for Service and it certainly will not end well for one of them next time. The question is: who will it be?

Bloody Carl

In a detailed recreation in the likeness of Chandler Riggs, the 17-year-old actor behind Carl, Macfarlane Toys showcases the character’s most landmark moment in The Walking Dead, specifically in Season 6.

The action figure showcases the brutal moment when Carl lost his eye with full details from the bloody bullet wound to the bloody walker guts costume. To those who find this too graphic, they have an option to change the head to Carl’s more recent look as the action figure comes with two interchangeable heads.

In the second head, Carl has a bandage on his eye instead of the bloody hole. He also comes with a removable poncho for a more intricate depiction.

Viewers can catch new episodes of The Walking Dead Season 7 on AMC.

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