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‘The Young and the Restless’ New Spoilers: Surprise Pregnancies and Making Amends

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Y&R New spoilers

A marriage that was broken can be made whole again, while a brother seeks to make things right. New The Young and the Restless spoilers hint that a surprise pregnancy may be in store for Jack and Phyllis, while Billy wants to make amends.

The love is strong between Jack and Phyllis as new spoilers hint that they will get back together. But that is not at all, as their reunion may also bring forth a baby in a future episode! Well, it is safe to say that everyone saw this coming. The sexual tension between Jack and Phyllis is there whenever they are in the same room together and it was only a matter of time before they reunited.

Despite Jack insisting that he is done with Phyllis after everything that happened, everyone knows that he still feels something for her deep down. Phyllis also wants to make things right between her and Jack, and has come through for him all throughout. She chooses to stay committed to Jack, because he is the only man she really ever loved.

So their argument-turned-steamy moment may just pave the way for a surprise pregnancy in a future episode. There is a big chance that Phyllis’ pregnancy will happen by February of 2017 and the birth may happen just in time for fall.

Billy Makes Amends

Phyllis also has another agenda, and this time it is with Billy. And Billy also has an agenda with Jack. New The Young and the Restless spoilers hint that Billy wants to make amends with Jack and Phyllis will give him some advice. It has been a while since Billy and Jack sort of spoke to each other, after his affair with Phyllis months ago.

Phyllis will encourage him to make up with Jack, or at least try to make up with him. Billy misses Jack, and the closeness they had as brothers. Billy has somewhat been helping Jack in his plan against Victor as well, previously trying to get some information out of Natalie. Billy will try and fix the damage brought to his relationship with Jack, and hopefully regain his trust.

Devon is Worried

In the meantime, Billy and Phyllis will have to watch their backs as new spoilers hint that Devon will worry about Hilary. Hilary is constantly going out of her way to get some juicy gossip, now more than ever. Perhaps in an effort to control Hilary, Devon will ask her to do a fluff piece. But instead of writing about feeding the homeless, Hilary will get herself some gossip.

If Billy and Phyllis are not careful, Hilary might expose them next. Devon will have a lot on his plate considering how Hilary can get dirty.

The Young and the Restless airs Mondays to Fridays on CBS.

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