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‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Adrienne Collapses, Kate Encourages Chad, Abigail in Tears

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Looks like troubling times are in the future of many Salem residents. It looks like Adrienne’s cancer storyline will start as Days of Our Lives spoilers say that she will collapse, while Kate encourages Chad to be with Gabi.

Adrienne and Lucas were about to get married, until Justin stops the wedding claiming that he is not over Adrienne yet and regrets letting her go. However, Lucas thinks otherwise and insists that he would never hurt Adrienne. The two men fight for her heart and at one point engage in rock, paper, scissors, but Sonny cuts in and stops the feud, saying that it is up to Adrienne to choose who wins her heart.

Unfortunately, Days of Our Lives spoilers hint that Adrienne will collapse when blood drips down from her nose. This will bring a cancer storyline into play. Fortunately, this will give Adrienne some perspective on which man she will choose to give her heart to.

Kate Gives Chad a Little Push

Clearly, Chad and Gabi’s feelings for each other are growing stronger by the minute. They both know that it might be too soon for them to start a relationship but that ended with them kissing. Gabi is reluctant to get into something right away after what happened with JJ. Chad is hesitant because it sort of feels like he would be betraying Abigail.

Enter Kate. Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that Kate will tell Chad to follow his heart. Kate thinks that Chad should take another chance at falling in love again. While Chad is still not sure about what to do, he will take her advice into consideration.


Abigail Tears Up

In a little heart to heart with Jennifer, Abigail will be in tears. Abigail tells her mother that she thinks Chad has moved on with someone else. Jennifer does not believe it, but Abigail thinks it is true. Abby thinks that Chad does not love her anymore.

Jennifer will tell her that Chad would choose her in a heartbeat if he knew she was still alive. She thinks Chad will undoubtedly stand by Abigail and forgive her for disappearing so suddenly. Will Chad really be able to forgive her? That remains to be seen.

Days of Our Lives airs Mondays to Fridays on NBC.

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