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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 13 Spoilers: Alex Takes The Plea Deal For Jo

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In the cliffhanger episode of Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 midseason finale, spoilers show Alex waiting to take the plea deal. Whatever his decision will be send a riptide of consequences not only for himself and his future, yet also for others around him including Meredith and Jo.

Alex’s Decision And Its Repercussions

Alex finally faces the consequences of his actions last season from an altercation with DeLuca. As a refresher, Alex attacked DeLuca after believing that DeLuca is hitting on Jo who is drunk at that time. Now things got more complicated than ever as more lives get tangled in the chaos.

Following Alex’s emotional farewell to Jo where he asked for forgiveness and took back what he said that she is a “trash,” Jo also decided to say her piece in Grey’s Anatomy. Jo came clean to Alex about the past that she tries to hide.

Jo confesses to Alex that she was married albeit the marriage was ugly. In fact, she is running away from her abusive ex-husband as she is now using a different identity so as not to be traced. If she comes to court to testify for Alex’s innocence, her husband will soon find her whereabouts as court documents will be a public record.

However, if Alex takes the plea bargain, she would be safe from her ex-husband’s discovery. Yet taking the plea also means two years of jail time for Alex, according to Grey’s Anatomy spoilers.

And for Meredith, that will mean she will be the only one left from the original interns in the Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital. She tells him just that as she leaves a voicemail for Alex while he waits to take the plea agreement for Jo.

The only way to fix the situation is if DeLuca drops the charges against Alex. But will he do it?

Amelia-Owen No More

The end of the midseason finale of Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 also comes with the end of Owen and Amelia’s relationship. As promised by Kevin McKidd in previous spoilers for Grey’s Anatomy, something “pretty dramatic” happens indeed.

The two do not meet eye to eye when it comes to bearing a children, a decision which has to be mutually decided by two parties involved for their relationship’s future. While Owen wants to have a baby, spoilers reveal Amelia decides she does not want to. And with that, Amelia closes her door for Owen.

To stay on the positive side, a silver lining came up as the situation led to Owen and Nathan’s bonding time.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 will return for its 10th episode this season on January 2017.

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