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‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Cast 2016: Kandi Burruss, Riley Reject Father-Daughter Reunion; Father’s Girlfriend Crashes Kandi’s Meeting

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An awkward baby drama went down in Real Housewives of Atlanta 2016. One of the casts, Kandi Burruss, gets a surprise visit from the girlfriend of her first daughter’s father. Will there be a father-daughter reunion soon?

Kandi Factory Crasher

A woman crashed the meeting of Kandi Factory while bearing some message with her. Kris Kelli, the woman, is the current girlfriend of the father of Kandi’s first child and only daughter Riley. The purpose of her surprise visit is to help Riley reconnect with her father, Russell “Block” Spencer. But is Kris the right person to make that move?

Kris admits that “it might seem funny” to them how she is the one “coming out of the blue” to reconcile the father-and-daughter relationship. However, it has apparently become a “concern” that she is dealing with.

The Father-Daughter Estrangement

Kandi appreciates Kris’ concern but Kandi says it is Block who decided to cut off his connection with his daughter. In fact, Riley had “reached out to him” yet Block “never really would reach back.” Eventually, Riley “put up this wall” where she did not want to deal with the drama anymore.

She later told her friend and another cast of Real Housewives of Atlanta 2016, Sheree Whitfield, that Block is a “poster boy for a deadbeat.” Years also went by and the record label owner did not even check up on Riley.

She also shared to Sheree that while she was pregnant with Riley, Block said he does not want to have anything to do with the baby. With that, she tells him that it is fine as he will need her before she, her daughter, needs him.

However, if Riley wants to reconnect with her father, Kandi says she will never stop her daughter from knowing her dad.

Riley’s Say in Real Housewives of Atlanta

At the end of the day, it is Riley’s say that will matter the most. It is obvious throughout the show that Riley is not interested in getting to know her father. She even said before that she does not care whether she has “a dad or not.”

In the latest episode, 13-year-old Riley says that she does not want to say that she does not care this time, but she concludes the discussion with a “void,” a slang term for declining the relationship.

She also points out that if her father wanted to reach out to her, he should be the one to do it and “not his girlfriend.”

The drama might not be over yet as spoilers reveal Kandi and Block will soon have a confrontation.

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