Russian Billboard: Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin Together To Make The World Great Again

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Russian Billboard: Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin Together To Make The World Great Again

US President-elect Donald Trump and Russia’s President Vladimir Putin are allegedly seen together in a Russian billboard. Despite scepticism on the billboard’s authenticity, its existence is indeed true.

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin Together in Russian Billboard to Make the World Great Again?

“Let’s make the world great again – together!”

Those are the words seen on an alleged Russian billboard with both the faces of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. Photos of the said billboard started circulating on social media. As the two personalities are undoubtedly controversial, many questioned the photos’ credibility.

According to, the billboard is real. However, it is not found in Russia but instead in the Balkan country of Montenegro. It got associated with Russia when The Washington Post included it in an article of a planned rally in Obninsk by Russians in order to show their support for Trump’s presidency.

Russian City To Rally For Trump

While thousands of Americans rallied against the results of the U.S. Election, with Donald Trump emerging as victor against Democrat Hillary Clinton, a Russian city, Obninsk, will also have their own rally to support the 70-year-old business mogul.

A 27-year-old blogger, Artyom Mainas, arranged the rally that was granted permit to be held on Saturday in the city of Obninsk. This just shows the Russians’ embrace to the Republican candidate. Mainas also added that they think “Trump is a good candidate for Russia.”

Even during the campaign, the Russians have favored Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton following the soured tiers of the U.S. and Russia under the Obama administration. Moreover, Donald Trump has showed support for the Russian president during his presidential campaign and in fact, called for better ties with the country.

Russia’s foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, has also said that the two presidents see eye to eye when it comes to political views. With that, Donald Trump’s victory is also considered a triumph for the Russians.

Photo source: Wikimedia Commons

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