Alabama Officer Fired After Racist Meme Against Michelle Obama as ‘Fluent in Ghetto’

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Alabama Officer Fired After Racist Meme Against Michelle Obama as 'Fluent in Ghetto'

Racist memes, including Michelle Obama as target, caused an Alabama officer getting fired from his job. As public employees, Alabama City Manager says they, “especially law enforcement officers,” have to uphold “a standard of excellence.”

Alabama officer Joel Husk of Talladega Police was fired after posting racist memes that included Michelle Obama as one of the targets. The meme showed the comparison of the current and to-be First Ladies, Michelle Obama and Melania Trump, respectively.

Stated in Melania Trump’s photo, the meme says the lady is fluent in several languages such as “Slovenian, English, French, Serbian and German.” On the other hand, Michelle Obama’s meme reads, “Fluent in ghetto.”

The term “ghetto” actually came from racist origins that means “low class.” Technically, the word means a place where some of its group of people or race live in usually poor conditions.

Moreover, Husk also posted other memes racially attacking President Barrack Obama and the Black Lives Matter movement.

For a police officer to post something “deemed to be biased or racially insensitive or derogatory” calls for an immediate “action to correct it,” according to Alabama City Manager Patrick Bryant.

With that, Husk, 37, broke his department’s policies in concern with code of conduct and social media. The Alabama officer was fired on Wednesday after serving for two and a half years in the department.

Racist Attacks on Michelle Obama

This is not the first time Michelle Obama was attacked due to her race and skin color. And this is also not the first time a public employee was fired, or resigned, in position after their racist comments.

Recently, a director of a government-funded non-profit organization, Clay County Development Corp., received fire after her racist statement to Michelle Obama.

Pamela Ramsey Taylor wrote on Facebook her say on Melania Trump, who is “a classy, beautiful, dignified First Lady,” heading to the White House as opposed to Michelle Obama who Taylor refers an “Ape in heels.”

A mayor of a small town in West Virginia, Beverly Whaling, responded and agreed to Taylor’s post where she said it made her day.

Following the nationwide uproar of citizens regarding the women’s behavior, Taylor was removed from her position while Mayor Whaling resigned from her office.

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