Anti-Trump Protesters Did Not Kill a 4-Year-Old Girl

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Anti-Trump Protesters Caused Death of 4YearOld's Father? Safety Pin Movement

A tragic incident circulated on social media recently. According to a post, a father of a 4-year-old girl died after anti-Trump protesters blocked the ambulance and delayed it from reaching the hospital.

Anti-Trump Protesters Caused Death?

The news proliferated around mid-November coming from a comment on a Facebook post. The anonymous social media user said that he/she has to “unfacebook for a couple of days” because of a tragic incident. Allegedly, the user added that they had “a patient die” after their “ambulance was stopped” by anti-Trump protesters.

With that, delivering the patient to the hospital was delayed as they had to drive around blocked roads for an additional 45 minutes. The user also added that those anti-Trump protesters can give their “f****** safety pins” to his/her “patient’s fatherless 4-year-old daughter.”

However, there are no news reports found for a death that is connected with the anti-Trump protests. Thus, the anonymous claim is not verified.

Silent, Yet Powerful Safety Pin Movement

The “safety pins” which were mentioned by the user refers to the literal safety pins anti-Trump protesters are wearing. It is a movement that started from a neighboring land – in the U.K. to be exact.

During Brexit, when Britain withdrew from the European Union, people in the U.K. started wearing safety pins to show solidarity with refugees and immigrants. It is a silent yet powerful message to get across without a word to let everyone else see that they are safe with people who are wearing the safety pins.

This message reverberated to anti-Trump protesters; thus they adapted the movement too. When Republican Donald Trump won the U.S. Election 2016 as the 45th US President, the news sent alleged waves of racist attacks in various states.

In response, anti-Trump protesters wanted to show their unity with the minorities, who might have allegedly felt marginalized and unfairly treated due to race, gender, and beliefs, following Donald Trump’s victory.

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