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Black Friday Sales 2016: Apple Teases 1-Day Event – Here Are Possible Deals

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Black Friday 2016

While many brands regularly take part in the shopping craziness that is Black Friday, there are quite a number of brands who do not participate every year. Just in time for the big Black Friday 2016 sales, Apple is returning with a one-day event.

Apple teased about the upcoming sale on its official website, telling everyone to save the date. So far, no details have been provided regarding Apple’s deals for the upcoming Black Friday 2016 sales, but what is known so far is that Apple is going to have a one-day event only. The deals that Apple will offer are going to be available both online and offline as well, making it convenient for those who want to shop online and avoid the crowds or long lines.

Last year, Apple was one of the brands who did not take part in the shopping craze. Why? Apparently, according to Angela Ahrendt, the senior vice president of retail, “Being good to your employees will always be good for your business.”

What Deals to Expect?

The last time they took part was in 2014, and the brand was mostly criticized for barely having good deals at all. It could hardly be called a deal due to having no change in prices when it comes to products.

During the 2014 sales, Apple only offered a $100 iTunes gift card with every purchase of a Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, or iMac with 5K retina display. A $50 iTunes gift card came with every purchase of an iPhone or an iPad, and Apple TVs were shipped with a $25 credit.

For now, customers can look forward to offers on the Apple Watch, as the site’s official page teases. Keep an eye out for deals on the iPhone 7 and the accessories to go with it as well. There is a chance that Apple will bring out for the Black Friday 2016 sales will change this year, so stay tuned for more details.

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