Lead Stars Share Sentiments on Playing Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip in Netflix’s ‘The Crown’

British royal family, Netflix's The Crown
Netflix’s `The Crown’ is a big-budget television series depicting the young Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Claire Foy and Matt Smith play the lead stars in the series.

Netflix’s The Crown has generated much attention lately not only for the whopping cost it took to produce the series, but also the feedback shared by the main cast members on what it was like depicting the British royal family.

Even before viewers were able to see the debut of The Crown on the streaming service, talk about it has spread on social media. Lots of viewers loved the initial episodes, as many wrote on the show’s Facebook page.


The Crown stars Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth II, Matt Smith as Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, and John Lithgow as Winston Churchill. Viewers also get to see Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip’s wedding day, and setting off for their  honeymoon in Hampshire.

The Wolf Hall actress noted how the television series presents the public with “a more rounded understanding of people for whom we already have preconceived opinions,” adding that she has acquired greater affection for the British royals. It is timely, considering all the media attacks hurled on public figures that include members of the British royal family. After filming Season 1 of Netflix’s The Crown, Claire said she could cry.

On the other hand, Matt Smith said he did not expect that he would come to admire the controversially rude Royal. Philip, Matt said, is virtuous and loyal. Matt and and Claire took notice of the strength of the love between the two British royals as their entry point into the characters they were playing.

Multi-award-winning American actor John Lithgow, on the other hand, admitted to clearing a hurdle before feeling at ease playing the legendary British statesman with a grandiose self-image, who had served as Prime Minister of the U.K.

Netflix’s The Crown may not cover the interesting new details in the lives of the new-generation members of the British royal family, but it nonetheless emerges as one engaging show. Adding interest are subplots like the romantic liaison of Princess Margaret with a married man.

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