Prophecy Says God Will Use Donald Trump the Way He Used Cyrus the Great

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Of what is considered to be unexpected, Donald Trump has emerged the winner in the U.S. Presidential Election on Nov. 9, 2016. Prior to his victory, various analysts and the media touted Hillary Clinton as the 45th President of the U.S.; however, a turnaround happened, with a lot being confused and disappointed. But it looks like God has other plans. With Donald J. Trump’s presidency, He promised to restore the United States of America, according to a prophetic message given in August.

Donald Trump’s Presidency Was Destined

The promise of restoration comes from a prophetic message given by Spirit-filled prophet Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj in the Lancester Prophetic Conference in Aug. 10-14 in California.

In the conference, prophet Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj recounted the day when he was caught up in the Spirit and saw himself standing before the Heavenly Council, a place where he usually goes to whenever he experiences spiritual realities. In there, he saw and stood beside Father Abraham.

While in the Heavenly Council, he was surprised to see Donald Trump coming inside the same room and was also standing there. And there God told him the future results of the U.S. Election 2016 as well as Trump’s mission as the 45th President.

The following is the verbatim prophetic message that God gave to Selvaraj:

Trump will become president. He will be used to clean and purify the nation. As hard as he is, he has been prepared for this. As Cyrus was used to discipline Israel and then to restore Israel. Likewise, Trump will be used in the U.S. He will be used to curb violence. He will be God’s mouth and hand for this nation.”

Just a point of interest. According to Selvaraj, God gave him the vision in Aug. 10 at 8:23 pm. It is almost exactly three months before the U.S. Election 2016 results came out in Nov. 9, which is extremely amazing.

Who Is Cyrus?

In the above prophecy, Selvaraj mentions about God using Donald Trump for the U.S. similar to how God used Cyrus for Israel. Now, you might be asking who Cyrus is.

In the Bible, God told Isaiah that He will use a certain ruler named Cyrus to rebuild His city, Jerusalem, and set the exiled Jews free (Isaiah 45:13). There is a 150-year difference of timeline between Isaiah’s life and Cyrus’.

Isaiah prophesied about Cyrus around 740-681 BC. Then Cyrus came to power as a Persian ruler around 559-530 BC, which was almost 150 years in difference.

Cyrus was a pagan ruler. He did not believe in the God of Israel. But despite of it, it did not limit God.

God used Cyrus to accomplish all He pleased, especially on rebuilding Jerusalem and His Holy Temple (Isaiah 44:28). God categorically said about Cyrus in Isaiah 45:4 that He has summoned Cyrus by “name and bestow on you a title of honor, though you do not acknowledge Me” – a clear indication that God can use anyone to accomplish His will whether or not the person is a believer.

According to history, Cyrus was able to read all these prophecies. By that time, the Israelites were already captives in Babylon.

A translated record by an historian named Flavius Josephus reveals that after Cyrus categorically read his own name in the prophecies of the Book of Isaiah, it affected him so much so that he issued a decree to set the Israelites free. Cyrus also ordered to rebuild the city of Jerusalem and rebuild the temple of God, which is another prophecy fulfilled.

Here is an excerpt of Josephus’ records:

“This was known to Cyrus by his reading the book which Isaiah left behind him of his prophecies; for this prophet said that God had spoken thus to him in a secret vision: ‘My will is, that Cyrus, whom I have appointed to be king over many and great nations, send back my people to their own land, and build my temple.’ This was foretold by Isaiah one hundred and forty years before the temple was demolished. Accordingly, when Cyrus read this, and admired the Divine power, an earnest desire and ambition seized upon him to fulfill what was so written; so he called for the most eminent Jews that were in Babylon, and said to them, that he gave them leave to go back to their own country, and to rebuild their city Jerusalem, and the temple of God, for that he would be their assistant, and that he would write to the rulers and governors that were in the neighborhood of their country of Judea, that they should contribute to them gold and silver for the building of the temple, and besides that, beasts for their sacrifices.”

As stated, Cyrus read the prophecy about himself 150 years later. Who would not be moved by that?

What Are Cyrus’ Accomplishments?

The Persian ruler was regarded as a politician and a soldier. After his death, the Achaemenid Empire lasted for years due to the political system he made.

He is also known for his religious tolerance and also brought peace to the Babylonians.

Cyrus ruled a multi-state kingdom. By appointing satraps (governors), generals and state secretaries, he effectively led his massive empire.

He created an army unit called Immortals that consisted of 10,000 elite soldiers. He also created a better postal system.

But what could be considered as the common thing between Cyrus and U.S. President-elect Donald Trump is building projects. Cryus was widely known for his innovative projects and buildings similar to how Trump is known for towers and parks.

Under Cyrus’ kingship, he developed technologies learned from the kingdoms he conquered and used them in constructing the palaces of Pasargadae, which had the most sophisticated design in that time and was also surrounded by a majestice royal park. (Donald Trump has his own state park, too).

No wonder God saw Cyrus as the perfect fit to rebuild the city of Jerusalem and His Holy Temple.

As Cyrus Was Used for Israel, Likewise, Trump Will Be Used in the U.S.

Donald Trump is not Cyrus the Great. But based on the prophetic message given to Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj, God will use Trump the way He used the Persian ruler.

A lot of Christians could not consider Trump a firm believer of Jesus Christ, aside from the fact that Trump is also not a perfect leader. He has been lambasted for his remarks, with some taking them as tasteless and racist.

But just like what He did to the pagan Cyrus the Great, God is not limited. Jesus will use Trump to discipline and restore the U.S. the same way He used Cyrus to discipline and restore Israel.

Cyrus’ legacy to Israel could be summed up in one word: restoration. And this is what God is planning to the U.S.: restore America.

While others may see it as coincidence that Trump used “Make America Great Again” as his campaign slogan, faith tells us that it is God’s plan to the U.S.: to really make America, who professed to be a Christian nation, great and be a true blessing again.

But just as the prophetic message stated, there is going to be discipline. God will clean and purify the U.S. And God will curb violence.

The promise is already there that God will make America great. There is hope.

But as His people, we need to constantly humble ourselves and pray.

God’s Letter to the U.S.

Before God used Cyrus to restore Israel, God sent a personal letter to them. It was coined A Letter to the Exile.

It was also around the time that Israel was in ruins and the Israelites were taken away from their homeland. It was a trying time for the nation. Everything around them was darkness.

But in the midst of it, God told them this:

“For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call upon Me and come and pray to Me, and I will listen to you.” –Jeremiah 29:11-12 (NIV)

By faith, we could say that that is also God’s letter and promise to the U.S.

And so indeed, there is hope.

We just need to pray, pray, pray.

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