Amazon Black Friday 2016 Deals: PS4, ‘Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’, Kindle, Tablets and More

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Amazon Black Friday 2016 Deals: Lightning Deals From PS4, Kindle, Tablets

It is only a few hours until Black Friday 2016 deals officially roll out. To shoppers who want to get their hands on the latest Amazon deals available, here are the details to take note.

Amazon has released daily Black Friday 2016 deals on the way to the official Black Friday event on Nov. 25 to raise the bar of the bargain shopping spree event. Amazon also offers Lightning Deals for items that will be available on a specific period of time only.

Thus, shoppers better be quick if they want to covet some of the items included on the Amazon Black Friday 2016 deals as once the deals are over, they will not return again.


The items that shoppers need to look forward to on Amazon can be very varied, from gadgets to toys and beauty sets. Take note, though, that some deals can have a certain time limit thus always make sure whether the item is still available or not.

Amazon Black Friday 2016 deals include 50 percent off from Levi’s Jeans. Also, early Christmas shoppers might want to get the Moet, Veuve and Dom Champagnes that are all for 25 percent off.

Gamers should also take note on gaming consoles and video games that are on sale on Amazon for Black Friday. The Sony PlayStation 4 500 GB that comes with GTA V and Doom with Season Pass is priced for £249.99. For an additional game to play, buyers can also covet the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare w/ Zombie Pin Badges and Hellstorm DLC that can be exclusively bought on Amazon for £32.99 this Black Friday.

Some of the best Amazon Black Friday 2016 deals also include the Kindle Paperwhite E-reader for £79.99 which is marked down from £109.99 and 7” Fire Tablet for £29.99 from its original price £49.99.

To get the latest alerts, shoppers can also follow Amazon’s social media accounts as they announce their best Black Friday 2016 deals and sign up to the e-commerce’s newsletter.

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