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‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Season 4 Episode 8 Spoilers: Terry Meets His Hero, Amy Sides with Kevin

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Terry meets the person who inspires him while Amy is placed in the hot seat. New spoilers for Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 4 tease that Terry takes on a case that leads him to meet his hero while Captain Holt is furious with Amy and Kevin.

In Season 1, Jake met an old crime-reporter that he respected. In Season 3, Captain Holt met his favorite concert oboe player. Now in Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 4, it is Terry’s turn to meet someone he has long wanted to meet. Episode 8 spoilers tease that famed author DC Parlov is getting death threats, and Terry takes the case along with Jake so he can meet them.

Knowing how Jake and Captain Holt previously met the people they have admired, it would likely end in a disaster. Based from the promo photos, it looks like Jake and Terry are going undercover to find out who has been sending out the death threats.

Amy Chooses a Side

Amy finds herself in a tight spot with Captain Holt as new Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 4 spoilers say that she will get involved in an argument. Captain Holt and his husband Kevin engage in an argument regarding a math puzzle and Amy might make things worse when she agrees with Kevin instead of Holt.

Everyone knows that since Season 1, Amy is constantly trying to maintain being in the captain’s good books. Amy wants to be captain someday and she always wants Holt’s praise.

Nevertheless, Holt will be furious when Amy sides with Kevin instead of him.

Meanwhile, as that is going on, spoilers also say that the yearly Boyle family vacation is coming. In Season 2, Gina’s mom married Charles’ dad making them step-siblings. Now, Gina has to force her way through Charles’ cousins so she can pick where to go for the family vacation.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 4 airs Tuesdays on Fox.

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