Kenley Jansen, Jason Heyward Reportedly Joining Chicago Cubs

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Chicago Cubs baseman is shown in photo thanking Chicago and tweeting “we are the champions.” As the Cubs brace for the next season, it has been hounded by trade rumors.

Winning the World Series was a momentous event for the Chicago Cubs. The team is  currently considering its next moves as part of solidifying itself as 2017 quickly approaches. This has set off several rumors on the free agents that the Cubs may invest on and those it is looking to trade or let go.

Questions like who will be saying their last hurrah as part of the Cubs and who it will sign up have cropped on avid Major League Baseball fans‘ minds. The Cubs have reportedly done an assessment of free agent pitcher Kenley Jansen, but major league sources opined that their inquiries were more of due diligence than laying the groundwork for a serious pursuit. Jansen has become a free agent this offseason after playing for seven years with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Aroldis Chapman, 28, is the relentless left-hand pitcher who delivered during the World Series. The Chicago Cubs may let the star pitcher walk in free agency in the next season if his asking price cannot be met. Sports writers noted that there will be several teams that may express desire to get him, nonetheless.

American sportswriter Ken Rosenthal said the Chicago Cubs, which has been hounded by trade rumors, may be more inclined to seek lower-priced alternatives than to invest on a closer like Chapman or Jansen. Rosenthal also tweeted that the Cubs “are just getting started,” adding that the youngsters will only “get better” or grow from the experience they just had.

Chicago Cubs Trade Rumors Debunked

Cubs team officials have shown indications that they are not about to trade Jason Heyward, who signed on an eight-year 184 million dollar contract with a reported $20 million signing bonus.

Sports insiders noted that Heyward had a rough first year with the Cubs, and Chicago may desire a trade. Heyward’s name, however, has not come up in trade talks.

Heyward signed a whopping $184 million eight-year contract with Chicago Cubs in mid-December 2015. Incidentally, Heyward was one of two Cubs (the other is first baseman Anthony Rizzo) who won the Gold Glove Awards.

As for another player coming off the best season of his life, Jason Hammel had expressed in interviews that the Cubs president of baseball operations had honored his end of the bargain in allowing him to become a free agent after his two-year contract, and trade him. That rounds up the Chicago Cubs trade rumors.

Photo Source: Anthony Rizzo/Twitter

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