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‘Days of Our Lives’ New Spoilers: JJ Finds Abigail, Reconciles with Gabi; Chad Learns the Truth

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When it comes to love, things can get very complicated especially when someone comes back. A big reveal for Chad is up ahead as new Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that JJ will not only reconcile with Gabi, but he will also discover Abigail alive and well.

Chad and Gabi only need to act on their feelings for each other to really be together, but Gabi has other plans. In an upcoming episode of Days of Our Lives, new spoilers tease that Gabi overheard JJ’s speech, and the two of them will get to talk. Previously, JJ has been trying to win Gabi back ever since he confessed to having a one night stand behind her back. Now, things seem to look up for JJ as Gabi is softening towards him again.

Gabi wants to be committed to JJ, and it is clear that she loves JJ. However, she also has feelings for Chad as well. JJ and Gabi will go for another date, but their reunion might not be for long when JJ discovers something else.

JJ Finds Abby

New Days of Our Lives spoilers state that JJ will discover Abigail in the attic! JJ will be stunned when he finds out Abigail faked her death, but he will also have a lot of questions to ask her such as how she managed to disappear for a while. Abigail will first apologize to JJ for putting his relationship with Gabi at stake.

JJ was grieving when he ended up having a drunken one night stand, and Abigail feels guilty for it. Abigail will then tell JJ everything, all the while leaving Laura out of this. Laura was the only other person who knew all this time that Abigail was alive, and Abigail is trying to protect her grandmother.

Abigail will then try to contact Chad in an effort to go back to her old life but that will not go as well as she would think.

Chad Finds Out

Andre also finds out that Abigail is back and tries to bring her and Chad back together. But new Days of Our Lives spoilers state that Chad will not be happy when he finds out the real story. He will lash out at both Abby and Andre for lying to him like this.

Technically, Andre was the mastermind behind this whole mess. He suggested that Abigail fake her death for her loved ones to be able to move on. Abigail was not exactly at her sanest when she escaped from the facility. The trust Chad gave Andre will naturally shatter into a million pieces with this news.

Days of Our Lives airs Mondays to Fridays on NBC.

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