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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 13 Theories: Meredith Grey’s Disease Explains Grey-Sloan Hospital Tragedies

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'Grey's Anatomy' Season 13 Theories: Poignant Theory on Meredith Grey's Disease Explains Grey-Sloan Hospital Tragedies
Meredith Grey Tragic Fan Theory on Grey’s Anatomy

Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital always had the worst luck when it comes to accidents and tragedies. For Grey’s Anatomy Season 13, theories include a heartbreaking, yet plausible, fan speculation that concerns Meredith Grey.

Are the tragedies surrounding Grey Sloan just a product of the imagination of the show’s writers to add drama and action to the series? Or, is there a more poignant reason behind these tragedies that concerns one central character? This fan theory has its roots in Grey’s Anatomy’s pilot episode.


Grey’s Anatomy has suffered a lot of disaster in its 11 years. There have been two shootings and natural disasters like flood and earthquake. Our resident doctors are also not safe from the misfortunes.

George died to save a woman’s life and was hit by a bus. While another were run down by a semi truck and someone else was electrocuted. More doctors suffered from a plane crash. And then another died in a car crash.

Why is Grey-Sloan’s fate always dangerous?


What if all these incidents are the altered memories of Meredith Grey in Grey’s Anatomy Season 13? And dementia may have something to do with it.

Even from before, there have been theories that Meredith Grey has Alzheimer’s disease, a progressive mental deterioration. It is worth noting that Meredith’s voice-overs are a narration of Meredith telling her tales to her mother who is in an assisted living facility as she has Alzheimer’s disease.

Following the demise of her mother because of the disease, Meredith tested positive of genetic markers of the same disease. Also, the disease’s symptoms often develop slowly and undetected; thus at this point in Grey’s Anatomy Season 13, everyone, including Meredith herself, may not yet be aware of it.

The fan theory speculates that the consequent voice-overs are Meredith continuing her storytelling to her children, yet with the altered perspective and memories that sits on a thin line between fact and fiction.

Whether the fan theory will come true or not, it would be a tragic and poignant storyline for Meredith Grey’s character if the Grey’s Anatomy‘s plot actually goes down that path.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 will return for its second half with Episode 10 on January 2017.

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