Prince William, Kate Middleton Family: Reason Why the Duke of Cambridge Is Proud of His Wife

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Prince William, Kate Middleton Family: Duke of Cambridge Proud of His Wife

Prince William proudly spoke about his children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, and his wife, Kate Middleton, in a long interview with Talk Vietnam. Last week, the Duke of Cambridge attended an International Conference on Illegal Wildlife Trading for two days in Hanoi, Vietnam.

During the interview, Prince William spoke that being a parent has its wonderful highs and wonderful lows. He also mentioned that he struggled at times, the adjustment from being single to being a married man and then becoming a father to his two children. The Prince added that it is life-changing.

Contrary to various speculations on social media about the couple’s divorce, the Prince talked highly about Kate Middleton as a wife and a mother. He said that he is lucky to have his wife supporting him; that she is an amazing mother to their children and a fantastic wife to him.

Prince William A Proud Father

The Prince was outspoken about his family. He mentioned how he adores his children and that he learned many things about himself and the family from having them. His son Prince George, whom he called “a little rascal” in the interview, kept him on his toes, but he added that he is a sweet boy.

The Prince also spoke about his daughter, Princess Charlotte. He said that he is still getting used to having a daughter and a girl in the family. The Prince, who did not have any sisters and only grew up with his brother Prince Harry, said that it is dynamic to have a daughter but wonderful and fantastic at the same time.

Having his wife Kate Middleton and his children, it changed Prince William’s outlook in life. He said that having a family helped him focus more on important things in life.

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