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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 Spoilers: Tara, Heath’s Whereabouts; New Community To Be Introduced

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'The Walking Dead' Season 7 Spoilers: Tara, Heath's Whereabouts; New Community To Be Introduced; Another Character Death?
Rick Grimes holding Lucille in ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7.

An update from Tara and Heath, the new society, and a character death are the major spoilers recently uncovered from The Walking Dead Season 7. Many things are bound to happen as we are lurched towards the mid-season finale; some are good, mostly not so.

Each episode has put the spotlight to the different communities and characters as they cope up with the tragic Season 7 premiere. On the road towards the end of the first half of The Walking Dead Season 7, viewers will be filled in with plot holes, events from the source material will be put into action, and another potential death looms.


After what must be the longest supply hunt in the history of The Walking Dead, viewers will now get to see what has happened to Tara and Heath. Through flashbacks, spoilers reveal we will be filled in on what has befallen the scavenging duo.

Apparently, the two got separated when they met a horde of walkers after trying to uncover something they found which they thought valuable. When they found an abandoned camp, they believed something worth scavenging can be unearthed from its massive sand dunes yet what they get instead is a trove of walkers.

While fighting for their lives as the walkers were about to overpower them, they got separated and they were never reunited again. Learning that Heath took the car they rode, does it imply her scavenging partner has survived?


Meanwhile, Tara wakes up to the sound of waves and the feel of salty air. She later on meets some of the inhabitants of the community by the beach: Cyndie, who owns the home she is staying at, Natania, Cyndie’s grandmother and the community’s leader, and Rachel, a little girl who has a knack for conquering walkers.

It is not just a coincidence that the faces she sees are all from women. The new community, called Oceanside, is just like every other community we have seen so far this Season 7. They also suffered the brutal end of Negan and the Saviors’ hands. In a tragic altercation, all men in the community were killed and only women and children were left alive.

With that, the community has since made rules to kill anyone who enters their community. Tara, it looks like, is an exception. But after learning Alexandria’s planned attack on the Saviors, as what Tara knew in Season 6, some Oceanside loyalist will deduce Tara is a danger to their community.

She manages to escape the hands of death with Cyndie’s help along with a promise to keep their community a secret. But after learning Glenn, Abraham and Daryl’s fate because of Negan, will Tara keep her word?


A character’s death is no longer a surprise in the zombie apocalypse tv series. Now that the apocalypse survivors’ are striving to stay alive and will stop at nothing to stay that way, the stakes are raised higher. The only question is that who will die next?

Speculations include a defiant character will meet the end soon in The Walking Dead Season 7. He/she is also most likely an Alexandrian. The names that came up include Spencer and Carl.

Previous spoilers hinted that Spencer will soon meet his death. However, just recently, Chandler Riggs, the actor playing Carl, appeared to say goodbye to the hit AMC series. He had tweeted that he got accepted in Auburn University which caused fans to wonder if he will leave the show to pursue his studies.

Moreover, Chandler’s father posted on Facebook that his son’s 7-year contract is “complete.”

Since the last episode of The Walking Dead Season 7 leaves Carl in the Saviors’ truck as it heads to the Sanctuary, will it mean his impending death to come?

7 year contract completed! So grateful to AMC, cast and crew, and the amazing fan base for making the little zombie show a big deal! #carl #TWD #chandlerriggs #wareagle!

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