‘Beauty and the Beast’ Trailer Comparison Then and Now: Nostalgic Similarities of Live Action and Animated Film

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Beauty and the Beast trailer was released and many of us were swept by a wave of nostalgia as Belle captivates us once again with her quiet charm. And a side by side comparison of the trailer also made the rounds online and showed the similarities from then and now of the animated film and the live action adaptation.

Many fans were curious, and concerned, about what route the live action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast will go to. Will it be a reinterpretation, like what Disney did with Maleficent? Or will it be a retelling of a tale as old time, like perhaps what the studio did for Cinderella?

In the first Beauty and the Beast trailer, fans and viewers have seen just how similar the live action adaptation is with its animated predecessor.

Some might not like it, while others will love it. To those who just want to see the classic animated film brought back to life once again, they will be left with a smile from the wistful and timeless tale of Beauty and the Beast.


When the comparison is shown side by side, the Beauty and the Beast trailer depicts how the studio closely retells the story of the 1991 animated film. The comparison of then and now and its similarities are, without a doubt, nostalgically warming.

From the look of Belle while entering the castle and exploring the tall halls of the castle to how she finds her father who is imprisoned by the Beast, and the Beast appearing to show himself show a remarkable likeness to the movie’s then and now. Other moments worth noting include Beast watching Belle from the magic mirror and Belle talking to inanimate objects such as Lumière the candlestick, Cogsworth the clock, Mrs. Potts and Chip.

Sweet moments in the Beauty and the Beast trailer are also shown, with Belle sweeping across the ballroom in her beautiful gold dress and playful moments with Beast.

More action packed moments of then and now bear great similarities visually as well. Belle, who stumbles into a pack of wolves, looks exactly the same in the animated film. The Beauty and the Beast trailer also shows a comparison of Gaston’s then and now and his minions as they plan their attack to the Beast’s castle.

Beauty and the Beast opens on March 17, 2017.

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