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‘Days of Our Lives’ New Spoilers: Hope Not Stefano’s Killer; Rafe, Shawn Have a Plan

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When faced with a murder mystery, one must always be open to any and all possibilities. That is what is going on with Stefano’s murder as new Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that Hope may not really be the killer.

In a previous episode, Andre publicly exposed Hope as Stefano’s killer. However, what if there was more to this story?

New Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that maybe Hope did not commit the crime. Everyone saw Hope pointing a gun at Stefano, but there is always a possibility that she may have been beaten to it by someone else. The flashbacks that were seen were likely only Hope’s side of the story as well.

Everyone also knows that Stefano was no saint. Stefano had a lot of enemies. But narrowing it down, Hope’s loved ones are out of the question and it would likely not be Victor either. It could either be Deimos or even Andre.

Deimos may be on the straight path at the moment, but he still is a bit ruthless. ¬†Andre has shown to be quite the power-hungry character as well. He is already responsible for the oncoming mess about Abigail, he might be the one who was really behind Stefano’s murder as well. Andre might have let Hope take the blame because he is just that cruel and wants her to suffer.

Rafe and Shawn Have a Plan

While Hope is away behind bars, new Days of Our Lives spoilers state that Rafe and Shawn are doing what they can to be able to exonerate her. They are convinced that there is something more to Stefano’s death and with Shane and Steve’s help, they could come up with a plan to get Hope out of there.

It will be a matter of weeks before Rafe, Shawn, Steve and Shane will be able to solve this murder mystery. While they are not sure if they could really be successful in their plan, the four men are determined to make this work.

Meanwhile, Chad will decide to spend Thanksgiving and Thomas’ 1st birthday over at the Hortons. He still misses Abigail and wishes that she could join in the festivities with him and Thomas. But Chad will remain positive and thankful that at least he is spending this holiday with his son and that Gabi helped him put himself back together.

Chad wishes that he and Gabi could be more than friends, but he is content with whatever place they are in at the moment. But things will eventually change when Abigail makes herself known to Chad again.

Days of Our Lives airs Mondays to Fridays on NBC.

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