‘Harry Potter’ Author J. K. Rowling Grants Wish of Young Syrian Girl

J. K. Rowling, Harry Potter
Young Syrian girl Bana Alabed, shown with her brothers, reads the `Harry Potter’ copy she received from author J. K. Rowling.

Celebrated author J.K. Rowling recently granted the wish of a young girl from Aleppo, Syria longing to get a Harry Potter book.

Bana Alabed, 7, was able to reach the famous author via Twitter with the help of her mother Fatemah, who mentioned that they watched the movie, and expressed her daughter’s desire to get a book. Rowling’s literary agent, Neil Blair, broached the idea of sending the book copy to Bana in e-book form, and the transmission was facilitated.

When Bana posted her thanks to J. K. Rowling plus a video of herself holding an e-book reader, it generated numerous online comments of praise. Rowling herself tweeted that Bana’s message that she received the Harry Potter e-book and was now reading them made her “so happy.”

Both J. K. Rowling’s creative force and the Syrian girl’s huge interest for the book sent ripples to other young minds across the world. It brings to mind author Malcolm Gladwell’s statement that if individuals use their minds and imagination and assert themselves, they can shape the world to their desires.

Many people tweeted appreciation to the J. K. Rowling for her compassion for the young Harry Potter fan, and commended her “gesture of kindness to a child & area that is in such dire need of hope & attention.”

Other English Actors Who Share ‘Harry Potter’ Author J. K. Rowling’s Desire to Reach Out to Displaced Kids

There are other English celebrities doing their share to help innocent children in conflict zones.  Tom Hiddleston, a UNICEF UK ambassador, has long been actively campaigning for the education of crisis-affected youth.

A couple of months ago, the Thor: Ragnarok actor retweeted UNICEF’s post about the cases of two kids, Ali and Gaith, who were displaced by the war in Iraq. Celebrities and other working professionals have teamed up international organizations to highlight that children in emergencies need education, among others, to help them overcome the horrific circumstances that occur.

Orlando Bloom, also a UNICEF goodwill ambassador, likewise believes that children,  often the hardest hit during emergencies, deserve a fair chance of a bright future. The  Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales actor recently visited a school at Slovyansk, conflict-hit spot in Ukraine, and contributed to raising awareness for the importance of education in emergencies.

All three celebrities, Tom Hiddleston, Orlando Bloom, and Harry Potter creator J. K. Rowling are all busy artists with upcoming projects, yet they take the time to listen and help alleviate the plight of displaced children.

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