Reasons Why ‘Moana’ Movie Is Not Receiving Bad Reviews

Disney movie, Moana
The wait is over as the Disney movie, Moana, splashes its way into box-office success.

Moana, the new Disney movie featuring the voices of Hawaii-born teen American actress Auli’i Cravalho and Dwayne Johnson, has gotten a boatload of positive reviews.

The movie has numerous elements that effortlessly drew moviegoers during Thanksgiving in the US. With a release that fell during the special holiday, Moana also boasted stunning visuals.

As early as June this year, Dwayne tweeted away his excitment as he shared the first teaser trailer of the film. He also highlighted the “spectacular visuals” behind the movie about the epic adventure voyage of Polynesian heroine who teams up with a capricious demigod to restore the heart of island goddess Te Fiti to save her island.

At that time, the curiosity of Dwayne’s Twitter followers were aroused and expressed that they looked forward to watching the film. One reader even tweeted that the first image was awesome, adding that he never imagined when Dwayne was laying the smackdown in WWE that he would become “an animated Disney hero.”


Moana embodies “contemporary Disney at its finest — a vibrantly rendered adventure that combines state-of-the-art CG animation with traditional storytelling and colorful characters.”

It was therefore not surprising that the movie showed promise of lording it over the long Thanksgiving holiday weekend, together with highly publicized films like Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

Beautifully crafted Disney movies never fail to warm the hearts of moviegoers, and to leave them yearning for more. What makes a Disney movie like Moana doubly mystifying, besides a unique storyline riding high on the quest fable, are big musical numbers. The songs may not be as catchy as the Frozen songs, but they nonetheless beguile.

Songs like You’re Welcome and How Far I’ll Go are very relatable and are sure to send many hearts fluttering. Asian viewers will be thrilled to know that Filipina actress-singer Janella Salvador was chosen to sing the theme song of Moana for the Philippine release.

Disney Animation’s being “in the midst of one of its periodic streaks of greatness” could not have chosen better actors and a better time to come up with a film project. Moana, as the new-generation Disney movie that has the deep blue sea & lush greens as principal supporting characters, delivers.  One interesting fact is that American screenwriters and film directors Don Hall and Chris William, who had directed the animated and comedy-superhero flick Big Hero 6, have struck a qoldmine.

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