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‘NCIS: LA’ Season 8 Spoilers: New Leads, Prison Visits, Over-Attending Moms

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The team is going to be busy in an upcoming episode of Season 8 of NCIS: LA. New spoilers hint that the team discovers a new lead for an ongoing case while Kensi has to deal with two moms attending to her.

There is a mole within the agency, and the team discovers a new lead in an upcoming episode. New NCIS: LA Season 8 spoilers hint that the team finds a new lead after an unidentified female attacker killed two men in front of Callen’s house. The two men were also disguised as sheriff deputies when they were murdered. Based on the synopsis, the two men might have likely known about this which is probably the reason why they were killed in the first place.

Could they have known some important information? Could they have tried to get this to Callen but were taken down before they could spill? That remains to be seen.

Nell Visits a Prison

While the rest of the team follows the new clue that could lead them to solving this case, Nell has her own mission. NCIS: LA Season 8 spoilers hint that Nell will drop by a prison to see an inmate who has information about the leak in the agency. That inmate however, will not be giving away that information easily so Nell has to do what she can to get it.

Meanwhile, the currently recovering Kensi is about to be taken care of, perhaps a little too much. Spoilers say that Deeks’ mother Roberta will be attending to her as she gets better. But Roberta might be over-doing this for Kensi to the extent that she cuts up her food for her. That over-attending is made worse when Kensi’s own mother joins in to help take care of her as well.

NCIS: LA Season 8 airs Sundays on CBS.

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