‘Stranger Things’ Actress Winona Ryder, Bridget Jones’s Baby Star Renee Zellweger Still On Top of Their Game

Stranger Things, Winona Ryder, Renee Zellweger
‘Stranger Things’ actress Winona Rider, shown in photo during a film festival, sparked attention anew.

Stranger Things actress Winona Ryder and Bridget Jones’s Baby star Renee Zellweger are iconic actresses of the ’90s who came back in the limelight in 2016. Despite a career lull, they have proven that they remain on top of their game with the good reception for their recent projects.

Winona’s portrayal of the distraught, imperfect mom in Netflix’s Stranger Things, along with English actress Millie Bonny Brown’s character Eleven in the science fiction drama series on Netflix, have sparked non-stop discussions online. As Winona mentioned in Jimmy Kimmel Live a few months back, the television series’ sudden and intense popularity has been “overwhelming.”

Indeed, casting Winona Ryder in Netflix’s Stranger Things has been a “stroke of nostalgic genius… the single best callback moment of 2016.” While many televiewers may argue that she is upstaged by the kids, Winona does generate attention.

Stranger Things Actress Winona Ryder, Renee Zellweger Bounce Back

Winona’s fans undoubtedly missed her after she figured in some major controversies in the past. Apart from Winona Ryder, another Hollywood actress who made headlines again both for her appearance and for her big film project is Renee Zellweger. The Jerry Maguire actress became one of Hollywood’s highest-earning actresses with one film hit after another.

In recent years, though, people chose to focus more on her face rather than what she had to offer the film industry. In the months running to the cinematic release of Bridget Jones’s Baby, lots of people who saw Renee Zellweger’s photographs expressed how unrecognizable she looks. One person tweeted that Renee used to be super cute, but now “she doesn’t even look like Renee at all.”

The relentless tabloid attacks prompted Renee to pen an essay on how the value of  individuals and their professional contributions tend to be diminished when they cave into societal pressures about appearance. While Stranger Things resuscitated Winona Ryder’s career, Bridget Jones’s Baby put Renee Zellweger back on the radar as it achieved a crazy good box-office outcome earlier this year.

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