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Apple Cyber Monday 2016 Deals: Apple Watch, iPad Pro, iPhones, MacBooks Discounted with Freebies

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Cyber Monday 2016 deals

Black Friday 2016 has passed, but it does not necessarily mean the shopping craze is over. Cyber Monday 2016 is upon us and Apple has some deals to offer for the holiday.

Apple has returned to take part in Black Friday 2016, but a lot more stores are offering deals for Apple products for Cyber Monday 2016 as well. Although many criticized the brand itself for not offering good deals, there are always third-party retailers to make up for it. Stores such as Best Buy, Walmart and Target are offering deals for Apple products, among them are selected models of iPhones, Apple watches and MacBooks. Accessories are also being sold for big discounts often as a bundle with another product.

Big Discounts

Many stores are offering deals and big discounts for Apple products this Cyber Monday 2016. Starting off with some of the various deals, Target has the Apple iPad Pro 12.9″ 32 GB Wifi for $679.99 but with a 15 percent discount after checkout. As for Walmart, they have the Straight Talk Apple iPhone 5S 16 GB 4G LTE model on sale with a $301 discount, making it $149.

Best Buy however, has the original Apple Watch on sale with a big $400 discount.

Buy 1 Get Something Free or Discounted

The beauty of both Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2016 is that not only can customers purchase a product with a huge discount, they could also snag a free gift. Best Buy and Target have quite a number of these deals for Apple products on Cyber Monday 2016.

One such deal is getting a $250 Best Buy gift card when customers trade in certain MacBook Pro models. A $150 Best Buy gift card will be given when customers trade in certain MacBook Air models in the store.

There is also a buy one get one for a discounted price kind of deal. Best Buy has such a deal on the iTunes gift cards for example. Buy an iTunes gift card and get another one for a %20 discount. Another similar deal for the iTunes gift cards is from Target. Buy an iTunes multi-pack and get a $10 bonus in the store.

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