Change Perspective In Life: Trials Are Just A Drop in the Vast Ocean of Faith

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Change Perspective In Life: Trials Are Just A Drop in the Vast Ocean of Faith

Every once in a while in life, we meet some road blocks along the way. However, a change in perspective makes us look at these trials with different eyes and see whether how big or small they are in the larger scope of things. Because when you do not win, do you lose? Or do you learn?


The sweet taste of success can be more vibrant after feeling the hardships and sweat before achieving it. For Jonathan Truett, a fullback player and linebacker for the winning team of NCISAA 1A’s championship from Bethel Christian, the road to success is not without any setbacks.

The depressing feeling of losing led to difficult Monday practices for the football team. And then later, in their first game, they were badly cramped as they were not hydrated properly in good condition for the game. The season felt a really long one for Jonathan and the team.

But they did not lose hope. In the end, they emerged as the state champions. Yet aside from their win, what Jonathan values the most are the realization of their team’s capabilities and potentials. Whether they lose or they win, they know their team is special.


During our darkest times, it is easy to see everything that went wrong. It is easy to feel like a complete failure and think that nothing will ever go right again. It is easy to forget how to look at life in a different perspective.

Oftentimes, we fail to see that there is more beyond what we are going through. The trials we are facing is only a drop in the vast ocean, a cup as compared to God’s infinite well of Living Water.

As they always say, every cloud has a silver lining. If we focus on the road bumps, setbacks and failures, we will be nothing but stagnant water. Instead, those who thirst for the Living Water that never runs dry will have an eternal relationship with God and receive His blessings.

In the end, it is only a matter of perspective on how we look at life. If we change it, the life we look at will also change.

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