John Maxwell, James Taylor Share Insights on Attitude of Gratitude: It Comes from the Heart

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John Maxwell and James Taylor Share Insights on Gratitude and Attitude

The attitude of being grateful beyond any circumstance, seeing positive and better things to come was one of the things John Maxwell admired about President Abraham Lincoln. According to his blog before Thanksgiving Day, gratitude comes from the heart.

It does not come only from our situation in life but also on how we simply want to see the world. Gratitude is meant to be shared; once you see why you are grateful, you would want the world to know the feeling as well.

On Nov. 22, the blog of the famous American author, John Maxwell, focused on gratitude. He mentioned how he looked forward to celebrating Thanksgiving Day with loved ones and having the famous turkey on their table. But, he added that food was not the only thing that made him think about the holiday, it reminded him of what happened before the existence of the holiday as well.

John Maxwell Admires Abraham Lincoln’s Attitude

It was not until 1863 when President Lincoln proclaimed that the last Thursday of November is the day for Americans to give thanks. Even if the country was threatened because of war, President Lincoln’s attitude did not falter and said that there were still much to be grateful for. He wanted his fellowmen in the country, even those who were across the ocean and who were in foreign countries, to join him.

James Taylor and His Thoughts on Gratitude

Furthermore, the award-winning singer James Taylor also shared his Thanksgiving message to his fans about gratitude. He said that gratitude improves one’s attitude. He added that giving thanks is the key to overcoming difficulties and misfortune.

The 68-year-old American musician from Berkshire, Massachusetts also said that despite the possibility of other planets in the universe supporting life, it was unbelievable to have been born in a human form on this planet and it was an incredible luck. Taylor ended his message on a positive note, highlighting the things we should all be grateful for.

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