Kate Middleton’s Affectionate Hug to Teener With Asperger’s Syndrome Touches the Mom’s Heart

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The news now: Kate Middleton recently visited UK’s leading children’s mental health charity and spoke with some students who shared how they overcome setbacks in their lives. The Duchess of Cambridge delivered a speech on the importance of addressing mental health. The news was featured in social media sites.

Royal watchers have seen Kate Middleton easing back into the spotlight the past several months while also focusing on her topmost priority now — family.  The news is that Prince William and Kate’s active campaigning for an issue important to them, mental health, is gaining ground.

Recently, Kate visited Place2Be, U.K.’s leading children’s mental health charity, where she delivered a short speech during the awards ceremony. Before the speech, the princess had the chance to mingle with some of the students.

One of the students, 13-year-old Ethan Knapton, shared with the princess his battle with Asperger syndrome, conveying how the fighter in him has led to speaking about his experiences in school assemblies. The boy also founded a computer games club as a spot for relaxation. Kate also got to speak with Ethan’s mother, who was so touched when the princess hugged her.

Kate Middleton Helps Reduce Stigma On Mental Health

A Patron of Place2Be since 2013, the Duchess of Cambridge has been active in doing what she can to reduce the stigma around mental health. In her speech, Kate Middleton said that an organization like Place2Be, that prioritizes from the outset children’s emotional wellbeing, is very important. This news is now on leading social media sites.

Kate lauded the people who have devoted their time and energies to providing young people the help, care and attention they need while overcoming their struggles.

Kensington Palace tweeted a related news a few months back, underscoring how the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge encourage parents to seek support when the need arises.

The Young Minds helpline, with well-meaning volunteers handling calls, now supports  the “Heads Together” campaign on mental health. “Heads Together” is a partnership of charities aiming to instill awareness for mental health. The organization made news for being chosen as the London Marathon charity of the year. It will take pride of place in 2017.

Kate Middleton has learned first-hand that parents can have big worries when it comes to their children’s overall well-being, including mental health, and that those worries can escalate. Hence, getting support is vital.

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