Newborn Nigerian Baby’s Hands Do Not Have ‘Jesus Is Coming’ Inscribed

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Nigerian Baby Jesus Is Coming: Message Written Revealed After Baby's Clasped Hands in Form of Prayer Was Separated?
Jesus is coming? Nigerian baby bears news on clasped hands?

A message that reads, “Jesus is coming back” is allegedly inscribed on the hands of a Nigerian baby. It was revealed after her hands, clasped in the form of a prayer, were separated by an operation. Does the claim bear any ring of truth?

What are the odds that a baby, straight from a woman’s womb, would have an inscription on her hands with a prophetic message?


An article was released that claimed a Nigerian baby girl was born at the General Hospital in Kubwa, Abuja. Allegedly, she was born with hands clasped together in the form of a prayer. The doctors had to perform an operation in order to separate the Nigerian baby’s clasped hands.

It went smoothly, according to the article, as only one layer of thin skin apparently glued the baby’s hands together. When the doctors opened the Nigerian baby’s hands, they were astonished to see a writing. The message allegedly says, “Jesus is coming back.”


The claims were confirmed to be a hoax. First of all, the publication that released the article is from a knockoff of People Magazine’s website under the domain.

It is also not the first time for the news to circulate on social media, which started at around 2007. Since then, many versions of the story have continued to appear with a lot of variations. Last year, a video posted on Youtube claimed a Nigerian baby was born while holding a Koran, Islam’s holy book.

Later on, the story was adapted into an apocalyptic message from a blog that heralds the Affordable Care Act, also known as ObamaCare, to commence the end of the world.

Ultimately, there is no truth behind the claims as it is not possible for the said Nigerian baby to have any message written on her hand straight from the womb. However, the hoax news continues to spread as some cannot be wavered in believing that Jesus is coming.

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