Nuclear War with Russia: Nuclear Missile Launcher Train in Development

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Whenever countries are on the verge of war with one another, they pull out all the stops and upgrade their defense systems. Should countries engage in a nuclear war with Russia, best believe that Vladimir Putin is developing a nuclear missile launcher in the form of a passenger train.

Russia is among the countries who are developing nuclear weapons. Vladimir Putin is currently developing a kind of nuclear missile launcher, in which it could be called the “Death Train.” As the name implies, the “Death Train” is a passenger train that travels across the country covertly carrying nuclear missiles. This launcher will be put to use if the time comes that a nuclear war will happen with Russia.

Currently in Development

The “Death Train” is now in development for the first time since 2005, and the reason for this form is to evade spy satellites. As told by Russian military official Viktor Murakhovsky, there will be no need for special cars to carry these nuclear missiles. The missiles will be enclosed in the standard railcar parameters and will be completely hidden from the enemy.

This system will enable launches from virtually anywhere in Russia as well compared to the previous system, as Murakhovsky explains. The project is codenamed “Barguzin” and will carry a total of six Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles. While Murakhovsky is completely for this project, military analyst Alexander Konovalov expressed a different opinion on the matter. Konovalov explained that sticking to obsolete Soviet concepts is not a good idea.

Konovalov further added that Russia is better off creating telecom systems and precision weapons among others, “not these monsters,” referring to the nuclear launchers.

The first time Russia made such a system was back in 1969, as an effort to counter the United States’ nuclear subs. It needed three locomotives to move and due to the heavy weight of the missiles, it damaged the tracks.

Owing also to the differences over Syria and the Ukraine, the tension between Russia and NATO is palpable. This resulted into Russia showing off their new military technology, revealing the weapons they have created in the event of a nuclear war with other countries.

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