These are the Things That Must Be Treated With Sacredness

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In an age when many people are questioning if anything is sacred anymore, in Poland, people are boldly declaring that God comes before everything, and all wisdom comes from Him. In celebration of  the 1,050th anniversary of Polish Christianity, a ceremony held in Krakow, Poland formally declared Jesus Christ as King of Poland.

The Conference of Polish Bishops said the declaration intended not to add to Jesus’ honor or power but to give national recognition to His sovereignty. Held one day before the feast of Christ the King that fell on Nov. 20 this year, Poland’s President Andrzej Duda attended the ceremony with thousands of pilgrims.

Questioning If There is Anything Sacred

Present society has shown that lots of people are committing transgressions of every rule in the book. Prior to, during, and after the elections, there were lots of profanity-filled political opinion expressed.

Profanity is Satan’s way of rubbing the luster off the name of God. He has a simple ploy – dilute the divine name by making it common. That is in stark contrast to what individuals who fear and respect God do – they revere the very name of God, which is holy.

Man’s definition of holiness tends to differ from God’s definition of holiness. Poland has shown that as a collective force, as a country, it can submit itself to heaven’s view of the sacred. However, in most other parts of the world, anything sacred more often than not is met with disinterest or derision.

Are People Throwing Out the Window Anything Sacred?

Most Christians, Catholics or non-Catholics, view marriage and sex as holy, yet news of married couples living in or marrying, but getting divorced has been non-stop. Despite the fact that most people, whether they are devout or not, would want to regard sex as a holy act and marriage as a sacred institution, a huge number of people end up desecrating both sex and marriage. Ongoing divorce cases of Hollywood couples underscore that reality.

Another controversial matter is how certain governments and notorious criminal elements are blatantly disregarding the sacredness of human life. With each life deliberately snuffed out, a thousand others ask, “Is anything sacred anymore?”

Every beating heart matters to God, whether it is that of an unborn child in a mother’s womb, societal outcasts, or people in the corridors of power making bad decisions. Life is holy to God, and it is high time people respect it and see it thrive, especially as the commemoration of the coming or the birth of Jesus fast approaches.

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