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‘Days of Our Lives’ New Spoilers: Brady, Philip Fight; Theresa Comes Back

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DOOL new spoilers

Grudges come and go much like the characters, according to new Days of Our Lives spoilers. Brady and Philip get themselves into a little squabble and the possibility of Theresa coming back may be sooner than what everyone might think…sort of.

Previously, Brady could not believe it when he witnessed Theresa going back into her old habits and leaving the way she did. Brady is, in other words, both angry and sad and unsure of what to do. Despite feeling this way, Brady does not want anyone taking pity on him. It pains Maggie and Victor to see Brady go through a difficult time in his life, but Victor knows it is for his and Tate’s safety as well as everyone else’s and keeps the real reason why Theresa bailed a secret.

Brady and Philip Butt Heads

Unfortunately, there is one person who does not feel bad for Brady at all. New Days of Our Lives spoilers say that the green-eyed monster is surfacing in Philip, causing him to provoke Brady into a fight. Brady is already feeling bad, but Philip is not helping at all. Philip thinks Brady might be stealing the attention from him, having heard Deimos praise him to the skies.

Deimos thinks that Brady is next in line for the Kiriakis empire, so it would likely be the reason why Philip is jealous of him lately. Brady and Philip engage in a very heated argument turned shouting match turned full-on fight. They will likely talk and make up once they’ve cleared their heads, though.

Meanwhile, Theresa has been out of the spotlight for more than a week as of late. But could Theresa be coming back a lot sooner than expected? New spoilers state that actress Jen Lilley is open to reprising her role as Theresa. Lilley replied to a fan’s question on twitter about a possibility of recasting Theresa, saying that the producers have her number and can always call her.

The door is open for Lilley’s return to the show as Theresa. Should Lilley join the show again, it might take a while before fans can see her around in Salem.

Days of Our Lives airs Mondays to Fridays on NBC.

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