Giving Tuesday 2016 Ideas: Give Back to Homeless Shelters, Food Banks, Parks in Need

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Giving Tuesday ideas

Now that Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2016 is over, Giving Tuesday 2016 is upon us. In case you are wondering what to do to give back to your local communities, here are a few ideas.

A lot of local non-profit organizations are taking part in Giving Tuesday 2016. Giving Tuesday started out as a social media movement urging everyone to start off the season of giving by doing just that. In 2015, Giving Tuesday raised over $100 million in 71 countries all over the world. So expect that charities and other non-profit organizations in your area will be hosting fundraisers and planning special activities.

One of the many ideas to consider during Giving Tuesday 2016 is to donate to your favorite local non-profit organization. Have no idea on where to start?

Homeless Shelters and Food Banks

What better way to give back on Giving Tuesday 2016 than by dropping by at your local food banks and homeless shelters? Help out in giving food to the hungry or donate some food yourself.

The same goes for people living in the homeless shelters. Donate toiletries, toys, books and clothes to homeless families. Help them get back on their feet by giving them the basic necessities.

Prefer to shell out some cash? Some non-profit charities raise funds to support various causes. Support your local parks for more environmentally-friendly spaces and safer neighborhoods and streets. Donate some money to a non-profit organization that promotes the arts and other sciences.

Donate to charities advocating for people with disabilities and mental health as well. Help in raising funds to send hundreds or thousands of kids or adults to school and get an education. Education is a big step to helping people realize their true potential.

If you have your own ideas to give back on Giving Tuesday 2016, go ahead! Even the smallest action can be rewarded greatly. Give back to your community by taking part in Giving Tuesday 2016.

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