Giving Tuesday 2016 Ideas: Make a Difference, Even Without the Need of Emptying Your Pockets

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Giving Tuesday 2016 Ideas: Make a Difference, Even Without the Need of Emptying Your Pockets

Giving Tuesday 2016 is a national day of giving in the U.S., one which always falls on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. After spending on Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year, it is time to look for ideas on how to help others, which is what most of the holiday is all about.

Social media has influenced people around the world to volunteer their time, donate things and money, as well as their talent on this giving day. For some families with a tight budget, it might not be easy to help financially because of the holiday shopping season, but there are ideas on how one can make a difference by reaching out, even if it does not mean emptying one’s pocket.

‘Cashless’ Ways to Help on Giving Tuesday 2016

For Giving Tuesday 2016, you can make a difference without spending a dollar. For example, the idea of using the Facebook for fundraising is quite simple yet very effective. Any Facebook user can create a page for fundraising and choose a non-profit organization that will benefit from it. By running this page, the user can promote a help-for-a-cause campaign to everyone who might have some extra money to give.

Another idea that is cost-effective is volunteering. There are many local non-profit institutions that need an extra hand in many ways. For instance, teaching skills can help school children who are struggling in some subjects, and a good conversation can make an elderly smile if you visit a Seniors Center.

Donating clothes can also be considered among the list of things to do. Cleaning out the closet for the next season can help you find slightly-used clothing to donate, or you can buy inexpensive clothing essentials and donate them to shelters.

All in all, there are a lot of ideas to help on Giving Tuesday 2016. Regardless of what you choose, it is important to understand the commitment in giving not just this year but for each and every day to come.

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