Miracles of Jesus Christ Today: Compelling Real-Life Stories of Dynamic Faith and Divine Power

Compelling stories of dynamic faith never fail to astonish people everywhere. Today, we can learn about astounding recoveries of people who had near-death experiences. They lived to recount the miracles of Jesus Christ.

Here are clear-cut examples of how faith saved the day for seemingly hopeless medical situations. One is about a young girl named Annabel Beam, who hails from Texas, and who accidentally plummeted headfirst inside the hollow of a cottonweed tree and fell about 30 feet. The incident occurred in December 2011.

Another story of miraculous recovery is that of Levi Alsup, who fell straight through – 20 feet from the upper level of a building, causing serious damage to his internal organs. The doctor at Grady Memorial in Atlanta had pulled aside Levi’s parents to tell them that the boy’s stomach had burst open like a balloon, and that if he were to survive, he will have a lot of problems to hurdle down the road.

Miracles of Jesus Christ Convey the Importance of Hope & Faith Today

Annabel’s mom, Christy Wilson Beam, in her early 40s, shared the miracles of Jesus Christ that led to her daughter’s amazing recovery in a memoir that was released on April 14, 2015. Today, she said that her daughter has recovered, not only from the fall she sustained that fateful day of the accident, but also from a rare childhood illness called pseudo-obstruction motility disorder. Annabel’s story was made into a movie that was released in the U.S. in March 2016.

Annabel’s mother can still recount what the doctor told her and her husband almost five years ago. After checking Annabel right after she was rushed by a responding emergency fire crew to Cook Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth via helicopter, the doctor said that Annabel, who was nine at that time, merely had some superficial bruises, bumps, and possibly a concussion.

Days after the accident, Annabel told her parents that she had visions while she lay unconscious. She shared with her parents that she went to heaven while she was in the tree, and “sat in Jesus’ lap.” She also described Jesus as dark-skinned and wearing a beautiful long white robe.

Miracles of Jesus Christ Show How Divine Power & Love Can Affect Us Today

When Levis’ mother, Vicki Alsup, saw the grim sight of her son struggling for his life at the hospital, and when the doctor said that if they do not get his son’s dying organs fixed, he would not live to see another day, she and other family members and friends turned to one thing – prayer.

They asked God for help, guidance for the attending doctors, and for understanding the whole situation. Vicki knew then that the family needed a miracle, so they prayed hard for that miracle to happen. The morning after, even the doctor was astounded by the amazing healing that had taken place.

Levi had a ruptured spleen, a ruptured stomach, the possibility of life-threatening infections, and fractures, but he surpassed them all. A thankful Levi said he would not be around today if it were not for his family and friends’ prayers. “And I wouldn’t be here without God.”Today, he is one of numerous

Today, he is one of numerous witnesses to the miracles of Jesus Christ.

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