Miracles of Jesus Christ Today: Man Survives After Being Crushed By 25-Ton Machinery

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Recently, a story was reported about Christopher, a construction worker who experienced a miraculous event after surviving a life-threatening accident. What happened to him is considered as one of the great miracles of Jesus Christ today.

According to Chris, he was at the construction site and was laying asphalt on a highway when the accident happened. It was too sudden that he got his left foot trapped under the wheel which forced him to the ground.

He started spitting blood so much that he could not breathe, and he saw himself lying under a 25-ton rubber roller. Chris struggled to survive under the heavy machine and it left him with six broken ribs, a damaged liver, and a completely shattered pelvic bone.

Jason, Chris’s father, immediately drove to see him when he received the call. According to Jason, he saw his son on the ground surrounded by firefighters. He went with them to rush him to an Emergency Room in Amarillo, Texas, where Nicole — Chris’s mother — is waiting. Chris’s mom said that she and her husband waited and prayed for their son while they are waiting for the other members of the family to arrive.

It Only Takes Prayer — and Faith — to Experience the Wondrous Miracles of Jesus Christ

The doctor who checked Christopher spoke to the parents about their son’s condition. The doctor said that the chance of survival was so little that nothing short of a miracle could save their son’s life. Jason and his wife panicked but then, a prayer helped them calm down and reminded them that it was Jesus Christ who is the true healer of their family.

Chris was eventually transferred to University Medical Center in Lubbock, Texas in critical condition. Dr. Mark Jenkins, an orthopedic surgeon, and his team were there to see Chris.

As he underwent surgery, his family gave it all to God because they believed they were powerless in this kind of situation. At the same time, through Facebook, they shared what happened and asked for prayers from their friends and family. The post spread, and thousands of people shared and prayed for him even if they are outside of the family’s immediate network.

After the surgery, Chris is expected to be in rehabilitation for three months but in two months time, he will be ready to go home and start walking. Indeed, Chris’s life is a living testimony to the miracles of Jesus Christ, even today! While many people already lost hope and told him that he has little to no chance of surviving, Chris and his family left all their hopes to God — and He did not fail them.

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