Nuclear War: China, Iran Alliance May Prove a Significant Threat to US Military

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Nuclear War: China, Iran Alliance May Prove a Significant Threat to US Military

The defense minister of Beijing, Chang Wanquan, visited Tehran last week. It appears that China and Iran are entering a strategic plan on increasing their defense and cooperation in advanced weapon systems that might lead to nuclear war.

According to reports early this year, the two countries signed a strategic cooperation agreement for 25 years. They agreed to trade their hands-on military experiences on facing the U.S military, both on air and in sea.

The two countries have strengthened their military relationship that led many to speculate on the possibility of nuclear war. It was reported that China is expanding its territory by using the air bases in Iran, as well as naval facilities in its Gulf. On the other hand, Iran showed its intent to get China’s third-generation fighter jets, airborne radar, missiles, submarines and maybe the license to produce Chinese tanks which are needed in land warfare.

In addition to this, the air force commander of Iran, General Hassan Shah-Safi, went to China last year and he was able to tour several air bases and aircraft factories. It was reported that Iran can acquire knowledge in aerial vehicle industry or even improve its UAV system with satellite navigation from China.

Also in October last year, there was an agreement signed between the two countries in which Iranian forces can use the Chinese satellite navigation system for military purposes. It was said that their system’s signals are more precise than the standard GPS services of today.

China Helps Iran Achieve Naval Superiorirty

Another potential strategic plan includes the modernization or overhauling of Iran’s submarine with the help of China. This was discussed in October two years ago, when the Iranian naval commander Admiral Habibollah Sayyari went to visited the Chinese.

Through declarations and actions, Iran showed how they want to have power over Atlantic and Indian Oceans, and China actually helped the country to finally meet their target. Another thing was the cost-effective Chinese warships that would suit Iran’s needs to perform effectively in certain missions.

UN Restricts Iranian Weapons Purchasing

However, the people of Iran are still restricted to sell or purchase any military hardware for five years. The resolution 2231 by the U.N. Security Council was implemented to require the citizens to ask for the council’s approval before they make any actions. There are no confirmations of a full-scale nuclear war, yet once this period is over, Iran will be free to buy or sell advanced weaponry from other countries, just like China.

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