Personal Salvation Story: Getting Lost, Finding God’s Grace Amid All Hardships

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In a world where conversations and connecting with others have become easier, the feeling of belongingness seems to edge further away. A personal salvation story narrates how a musician got lost and eventually found God eternally.

Michael has always craved to be part of something. As a child, he never felt like he belonged; not even to his own family. He, later on, found out why at the young age of seven.

The man he grew up knowing as his father, his mother’s husband, turned out not to be his biological father. Michael did not take that knowledge lightly, and it marked the start of his rebellion.

He felt so lost and without a purpose in life. Lashing out and running away had been a norm for the teenage Michael. At some point, he also lost value for his life where he wanted to just cease existing as he feels a gaping hole in his being.


One day, a friend of his invited Michael to a church where Michael prayed to be a Christian. And for the first time in Michael’s life, he felt like he belonged. In the church, he had a family. Without a father, he also found his father at last through the “Creator of the universe,” he says.

Moreover, he felt a sense of purpose with playing worship music. Through music, he worships God and felt closer to Him. However, life, once again, challenged him as Michael’s personal salvation story does not end there.

When he was 18, Michael’s friend died from a car accident. He was angry, yet most of all confused, at how God can take away the life of someone who believes in Him. At his friend’s funeral, Michael and his friends tried to numb the feeling of pain after losing their friend by getting high and drunk.

It continued as Michael felt lost again and thought that drowning himself on his vice can ebb the feeling of having a hole in him. He was looking for the same feeling he felt with God through drugs and alcohol even though he is aware that after a few hours, he will only be left with hangover.

This lifestyle went on until all at once, Michael lost everything. His musical equipment, his apartment, his car, and his job were all gone. And when all his material possessions were gone, his friends decided to leave as well.

Michael became a no one. He had no home and slept everywhere he finds himself in. He felt “tainted” and “filthy” with who he is and who he has become. He also believed that God would not want anything to do with a nobody and a drug addict like him.


When he began to question everything, he met a young pastor who gave him a place to stay in the church. With a Bible, he got to know God again. The realization hit him that God did not leave him. It was him to turned his back, yet despite that, God was always with him.

Despite all the sins he has done, God is waiting for Michael to come back to Him. Finding God’s grace left Michael finally with a purpose in life. Now, he has his own family while he continues to serve the Lord.

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