Personal Salvation Story: How a Hindu Girl Found Jesus Christ and Got Her Life Changed

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It is never too early nor too late to discover what can happen if we let Jesus Christ into our lives. Jainy was making tea when she discovered a way into falling in love with the Lord, and her personal salvation story can inspire many to do the same.

Jainy grew up in a strict Hindu family. Being Hindu, she was forbidden to explore other religions. However, one morning while she was making tea, she saw a program on television titled Ek Nayee Zindagi or A Brand New Life. She watched a girl share her story of personal salvation when her family members died.

Jainy wondered how the girl was able to move on with her life after experiencing the loss of her loved ones. The girl revealed that Jesus Christ is the reason – the reason for her to wake up and get out of bed every morning and do what she needs to do. This was where her story of personal salvation began.

Explored in Secret

After learning that Jesus Christ was the reason why the girl never gave up on life, Jainy wanted to learn more about Him. She spent the next three months secretly watching the program, where she learned of how God forgives the sinners. One day, she went to her room and prayed to God, confessing her sins and telling Him about her life. It was then that she felt God’s presence and love for the very first time.

Jainy continued to pray, and in an effort to make her own family feel the same peace and love, she prayed in front of them during the times they struggled. She experienced God’s presence even more when many of her prayers were answered. This led to her parents joining her in watching the show and knowing more about God.

During the time Jainy’s younger sibling Ajay was having suicidal thoughts, she and her parents gathered and prayed for him. God answered their prayers and delivered Ajay from those thoughts. This was what led her parents to believe in Jesus Christ.

Today, Jainy’s family members are now Christians. They all watch the program together and begin their days with prayer.

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