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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 Spoilers: Tara Actress Alanna Masterson Talks Heath, Oceanside, Secret

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The latest episode of The Walking Dead Season 7 introduced viewers to a whole new community. As Tara dominated the sixth hour of the AMC series, Alanna Masterson, the actress playing the character, reveals some spoilers on Tara’s secrets.

In Episode 6 Swear, an all-female community was introduced to Tara who was with Heath for a supply run. Unfortunately, the two got separated while fighting off a horde of walkers they accidentally unearthed from an abandoned camp’s sand dunes.


Tara’s character was given an episode which she had to carry herself. Alanna revealed that she had no idea about it as all she knew was that her character will return in The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 6.

However, she admits she was surprised to read from the script that she will jump on cars and do all those kind of stunts without training. In the end, it still worked, though.

Alanna also revealed spoilers on what it was like lying in water for hours. Despite being in the ocean for 12 hours, she says the experience is one of the “coolest things” she will ever do.


Tara finally hears about her girlfriend’s demise who died because of the Saviors, yet despite that, she keeps her promise on staying mum about Oceanside’s existence. Alanna says that what Tara did is staying true to her character who is “reliable and honest.” She also said that it is what Denise would have wanted too.

According to Alanna, viewers will soon see how Tara keeping the secret about the Oceanside will play out in The Walking Dead Season 7.


Meanwhile, Alanna says it was “great of Corey,” the actor behind Heath, “to come back and shoot with us one more time.” Corey Hawkins has signed up for the 24: Legacy reboot thus going missing-in-action for The Walking Dead Season 7 was not a surprise to many. However, Episode 6 showed us that Corey did not yet completely bow out, therefore, there is a possibility for Heath to come back at some point in the future; especially with the clues he left behind.

As for the Oceansiders, Alanna laughed off when asked whether viewers will see the Oceanside again and says that is not something she can talk about.

The Walking Dead Season 7 airs on AMC.

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